We provide exclusive puppy sitting and extended training for our puppies!

We love to see our Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies again and enjoy the opportunity to spend quality time with them. If you need help with extended training or have vacation plans, no worries! Your puppy/dog can come back home and stay with us. They will have a great time here with us and the dogs. Your pup will be happy in a comfortable and familiar environment, with all their friends and family. They fit right back in and go straight to the toy box and various play centers throughout the house and get busy with their old buddy's. Everyday here is like a summer camp for dogs!! Seriously! It is a dog's paradise! 

Along with our puppy sitting/boarding services we also offer our in-home basic to advanced puppy & adult dog training exclusively to our fur parents. No one could truly love, adore and nurture your puppy more than Mike and I or anyone more qualified to continue educating and training our puppies. Knowing them on the intimate level that we do provides us with the insight into fully understand and communicate with your puppy and the unique ability to incorporate our dog squad of well-trained adults an essential part of our puppy training curriculum.   

Our puppies love returning home for a visit and our remote North Island home and forest acreage surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine natural forest, rivers and lakes, award winning  glacier fed water, clean ocean air and quiet remote village life is quite unique. Especially all the ocean and lake playtime!   

Your puppy will sleep, play, cuddle, and have adventures all day long side by side with our fur family.  We may also let your dog sleep in our bed with us now and then just to make it that much more special for them and not confined in any way (unless requesting advanced crate training for bedtime), as our dogs spend their days and nights with us 24/7. Our dogs are our life as you may have gathered from the rest of our website and never separated from us in any form of kennel or dog run as we have none. Crates are ok to bring along if you use one or wish us to use one for bedtime if you think your dog would want to have their own space.   

Our availability varies contact us with the dates and specific requests we can go from there. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis and paid in full in advance to reserve our time. We also reserve the right to decline or cancel.

Training - Sit & stay practice

Training - Practicing our walking on leash skills

Details & Daily Rates:

Puppy Sitting/Boarding Pricing

  • Adults 2 years or older -   $80 a day per adult dog
  • Puppies 8 weeks to 2 years old -  $100 a day 

Raising Teddy Bear puppies of this age range requires our full time, supervision and dedication, nurturing, teaching and instruction 24/7. We love it but puppies in this age range is quite time consuming and additional work

Our Unique Full Immersion Tiny Teddies Training  Camp  

In (Our) Home Sitting/Boarding and Training

  • All ages $200 a day and up - Contact us with your training requests for a quote. 

  • Our Tiny Teddies training curriculum is an excellent deal for many reasons. The average trainer charges $150.00 an hour to come to your home. Not much can be accomplished in just 1hr here and there, and the dog may not be in the correct mindset when the trainer arrives for the scheduled hour which can impede any progress possibly causing a setback not to mention all the homework required until your trainer returns for their  next visit. If this is what your looking for great, but what if you're looking to have all the training done for you? Introducing our full immersion Tiny Teddies training system! We do all the training for you in our home. Our 24hrs a day training allows us to train at key opportune moments. For example, a puppy here for crate training requires being in our master bedroom during the night with us so we respond immediately in the middle of the night, sometimes twice a night, just to hear their need to be taken to do their business ensuring success. This is on top of any daily commands and behaviour instruction. Our full immersion training is a unique and powerful tool that gets instant results. They benefit greatly from our experience, knowledge and proven methods of raising well-behaved puppies and dogs with our patient laid back approach and the use of our balanced and patient well-trained dog squad of all ages from the youngest member to the older seniors. A huge part of learning for dogs is emulating the attitude and balanced behaviour a dog squad provides as each member has unique qualities for a puppy or dog to learn from and emulate.

    Additional details -
  • 15% off a 30 day stay! 
  • Discount for the first 30 day block only, additional days are at regular rate
  • Prices are per puppy
  • Billed per 24 hrs
  • Puppy sitting/boarding and or training  fees must be paid up front before the start date
  • Training during a basic Puppy sitting/Boarding stay is available for an additional fee and dependant on training requests
  • USA residents, if you require us to take your puppy in for any additional appointments for vaccines or rabies to cross the border we can accommodate, please inquire for individualized rates
  • Minimum stay of 7 days
  • Deposit of 1/2 required to hold requested days open as we reserve that spot just for you and cannot accept other applicant
  • All fees must be pre-paid in full before the puppy sitting and or training start date 

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Training - Lay & stay practice

Training - Practicing our "Stay" skills

Training - Practicing our sit & stay skills with distractions 

Training - Stay & Lay session with distractions

Training - Practicing our sit and stay skills

Our puppies enjoying our West Coast paradise - Home sweet home!

Coal - Trying new things checking out the high dock for the first time

Butterscotch - Exploring new places introduces new experiences, smells, various surfaces, different ground covers, sounds and taking in new sights.

Butterscotch -  Taking in the Beauty of our west coast paradise

Coal - Walking on the high dock for the first time! Awesome job Coal! Experience and exposure to new things is vital for well-rounded development

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