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One of our Zuchons favourite places to run, swim & fetch

Zuchons are a small athletic dog that is a natural-born water lover and typically excellent swimmers. Orcas even dives underwater searching for sticks and other sunken treasures to bring us back. This happy go lucky, healthy hybrid breed gets along well with pets and people of all ages and adored for their loving, playful attitude, excellent health and beauty and commonly chosen for various service and therapy fields. Also called Shichon is a combination of Shih Tzu & Bichon. 

Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Bloodlines Teddy bear Zuchon puppies, Shichon, Bichon Shih Tzu dog Vancouver B.C Canada USA

We provide happy, healthy, stunningly gorgeous Teddy Bear Zuchon happiness to our wonderful extended fur family members. We back each of our sweethearts with two unheard-of written guarantees to choose from - our unmatched lifetime of your dog genetic guarantee or our standard 5 year genetic guarantee. Along with a written health guarantee, veterinarian examination confirming each puppy to be in excellent health and vaccination records. We also provide a lifetime return policy. We were the first in the industry to provide this protection that began 17 years ago to protect them in emergency situations. If For those residing in further destinations. We include a flight  with an airline approved crate to Vancouver YVR. Our puppies also come litter box trained, pee pad trained and safe place set up trained to help our new families get started. Our Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies also come socialized, neurologically stimulated, loved, nurtured, snuggled, groomed, and so much more starting long before each litter is conceived. If you’re looking for an exceptional gorgeous comedic Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppy, your search is over. When only the best will do, you will be delighted to discover that we do everything to exceptional standards, and it unquestionably shows. 

A Furever Friend and Life Companion Teddy bear Zuchon puppies, Shichon, Bichon Shih Tzu dog Vancouver B.C, Canada USA

Zuchons are our passion. We have dedicated our lives to creating amazing companions, therapy and service dogs that we have come to be known and sought after for. Life is truly complete with our Teddy Bear Zuchons by our side, and we want to share that incredible unconditional love and companionship with you by uniting you with your dream Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon). Our Teddy Bear Puppies are born and raised in our home on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island B.C Canada. 

 We have a small number of Teddy Bear Zuchons (Shichon) puppies available each year. So our puppies are typically spoken for long before they are born, as we make commitments and then create a litter, but they are so worth the wait.  Our 17 years of Zuchon experience accompanied by our five year or lifetime genetic guarantees, lifetime return, lengthy proven excellent health history, 11 pages of references from 2002 to 2020, thousands of photos and videos documenting the last 17 wonderful years of our Zuchon puppies and their beloved parent dogs whom are our personal lifelong Zuchon companions, prove our Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies to be the exceptional choice. Teddy bear Zuchon puppies, Shichon, Bichon Shih Tzu dog Vancouver B.C, Canada USA

About Us

Tiny Teddies - Truly Experienced Companion Creators

We are a husband and wife team that enjoys sharing our blessed life and love with our Zuchons.

We are a small loving family-oriented companion creator of the cuddliest dogs on earth, the Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon). Mike and I enjoy spending every moment together with our comical little wiggle butts that we adore beyond imagination. We spare no expense in raising our adult Zuchons and their puppies and dedicate ourselves 100% to our Teddy Bear passion, 24/7; 365 days a year for over 17 years. As one of our families said about us, "When baking a cake, you can't add the sugar later" he had to start his journey in a happy, loving home to have turned out to be such a happy, loving pup". Our Zuchons are multi-generational, which makes a distinct difference in all aspects. We have been working on continuously progressing our Teddy Bear Zuchons (Shichon) for over 17+ years to create the ultimate breed standard that the Zuchon puppies will be known and loved by. 

Almost 2 decades of references, testimonials and updates from our families!

We have dedicated over 17 years to our Zuchon companions, their puppies and the new families who adore them. See what they have to say first hand for almost 2 decades in our References pages 1 to 11 - complete with ongoing photo and video updates over the years.

Our little Teddy Bear Zuchon puppy helpers! Jumba always checks the dryer for toys, he's so adorable we just had to share it! When you have a Teddy Bear dog housework is never boring! Our dogs and their puppies love to help you finish your chores faster for more play time 

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu bichon) adult dogs on the beach in the sunset - Happy Healthy comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - - Tiny Teddies

We have met some truly wonderful fur parents for our puppies over the last 17 years

Our puppies have found phenomenal homes all over the world from local Pacific Coast areas in British Columbia - Vancouver, Port Metro Vancouver, Hollywood North, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, East Vancouver, Mount Pleasant, White Rock, Port Moody, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Victoria, Kelowna, Langley, Delta, Nanaimo to Calgary, Edmonton, Chestermere, Lacombe, Red Deer, Leduc, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg Manitoba, Toronto, Burlington, Guelph, Caledon, Markham, Vaughan, Ontario, Montreal, New Brunswick, Moncton. Into North America, United States, USA, locations in Arizona, Miami, Florida, Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Washington, New York, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Vallejo, Fairfield, Santa Rosa, Napa, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Lexington Park, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Oakland, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, California, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Hawaii,  Boston, Massachusetts to as far as Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, London and Greece 

Our tiny teddies go by a few different names, Teddy Bear Zuchon puppy, Shichon dog, Shih-Tzu / Bichon, Shih-Chon, Bich-Tzus and Teddy Bears, no matter what name you go by they will be the center of your universe.  

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu bichon) puppies napping under doggy play center - Happy Healthy comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - - Tiny Teddies

Time for a quick nap in the play center!

Introducing challenges is just another part of our puppy curriculum. Early stimulation methods designed to draw out natural abilities to create superior puppies that are happy, confident, loving, highly intelligent and easy to train dogs

Our puppies love their custom made puppy play centers complete with stairs and a slide that they nap in it to prepare for the next play session. Just one example of the challenges we incorporate into our Teddy Bear Zuchon puppy curriculum. Early stimulation methods designed to draw out their natural abilities create superior puppies that are happy, confident, loving, highly intelligent and easy to train dogs. Numerous studies have proved that incorporating a stimulation and socialization program improves cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, are more tolerance to stress with greater resilience to diseases

Coal exploring new places -  Teddy Bear Zuchon puppy , also called Teddy Bear Shichon or multi gen Bichon Frise Shih Tzu

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