Building Skills! A ball pit for puppies?? Of Course! What fun!

About Our Teddy Bear Dogs

To have the best dog possible they must first be a great puppy born from a great set of parents with an experienced, knowledgeable and loving human and dog squad support system

There is an extreme value in our full dedication over the last 16 years to create healthy, happy intelligent Zuchon dogs that are beyond gorgeous both inside and out. To have the best dog possible, they must first be a great puppy born from a great set of parents with an experienced, knowledgeable and loving human and dog squad support system. It makes a massive difference in the dog you plan to spend your future years with. A huge expense is involved when it comes to raising our quality puppies properly. We are fully committed to our dogs and their puppies. Our adults and their puppies have our complete dedication to ensure each puppy is loved, adored and nurtured. Our puppies are raised underfoot and on lap, with age-appropriate training and socialization to ensure they are an easy as possible new companion addition.  There is nothing like the little pitter-patter of their feet following closely behind us.  We do all the "extras" to provide the very best of the best in your companion with a solid platform to continue building on. This hands-on technique requires an immense obligation both personally and financially; it is extensive but is so very rewarding.
They are, indeed, our most exceptional pride and joy. 


We take great pride in our puppies and the preparation we send them home with shines through their entire lifetime.

Building Skills! Tiny teddies puppies playing and swimming at the lake!

Raising Our Puppies

Our life, home and property are set up for our dogs and puppies enjoyment. Our home is their playground!

 For our special sweethearts  our life, home and property are set up for our dogs and puppies enjoyment. Our home is their playground!   As they achieve various levels of trust they earn free run of the house and property enjoying toys, treats, toy boxes and play centers both indoors and out as they please (depending on the ages of the puppies). They have their own nursery next to our master bedroom for bed time and afternoon naps, and safe place set ups throughout the house and yard for the young puppies when they can't be directly watched. We take the time to get to know each puppy and we are always happy to help you in the choosing process. 

Smurf tiny teddies puppy teddy bear zuchon dog

Teddy Bear Zuchon - Puppyhood

Our puppies come loved, nurtured, socialized and stimulated

Our puppies are truly nurtured, loved and cared for long before their very first breath and years before their conception. - We use a variety of specially selected meats, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, not only for their regular wellbeing but also in our unique approach to prenatal care. With our holistic approach to our dogs and their puppies, they are always in excellent shape in body, mind and spirit.

Delivery of our puppies into the world is always done as a duo - Mike and I are always together by our dog's side, and we remain there for the following few weeks. We are fully hands-on and whelp our babies together in our living room. Once all of the puppies have completed their miraculous journey into this world, we dedicate all of our time to them so we can carry out our constantly active approach with the puppies. We begin two weeks of sleeping in opposite shifts in order to dedicate around the clock loving care to mum and her new arrivals. There are many benefits to the puppies and moms having this kind of attention and close care, and we have only lightly touched on all the ongoing precautions that we take.

Our puppies come socialized and stimulated -  neurological stimulation started young is proven to These exercises impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than would be normally expected, the result being an increased capacity that later will help to make the difference in its performance. Some of those proven assets are a greater immunity to disease, high tolerance to stress, increased cardiovascular performance (or heart rate),  powerful heartbeats, heartier adrenal glands. They also have a higher capacity to learn quickly. Studies have shown stimulated pups were more active and more exploratory than the littermate not stimulated.

We always ensure our puppies are expertly socialized - Our friends, family, neighbours and adult Zuchons play an essential part in this on a daily basis, each one playing with the puppies on and off all day long. It's so adorable and a significant part of the puppy's upbringing and learning process. With our adult dogs always beside us, we all work as a team, so our puppies learn, play, develop and flourish in numerous ways. We have a deep bond with each of our puppies and always do what is best for each puppy. We have devoted our lives to the raising of our Zuchons and invest a great deal in our puppies and their fabulous parents. It takes a great deal of experience, time, energy and finances to raise a puppy right and keep the parents pristinely maintained at all times

Being socialized doesn't only refer to interacting with other people and pets -  We also make sure they are exposed and rotated through different toys. Rope based, stuffies large and small some stuffed some flattie some that crinkle some that snap, flip and roll away, balls of various sizes, balls and toys that speak, squeak, bark and cock-a-doodle-do, bones, various foods and smells. Encounter different experiences such as boating (age dependant) or vehicle trips on residential streets, highways, and logging roads.  Unusual sounds like keys dropping, doorbells, vacuums, and school sounds. Different surface experiences (dependant on the age of the puppy) like hardwood, tile, stone, cement, carpet, grass, patio, gravel bark mulch. Various play centers that encourage exploring, climbing and investigation with slides, stairs, tunnels, holes.  We have an entire room  dedicated to storing these various supplies and more

Building Skills! Ball pit playtime part 2!

kong tiny teddies puppy teddy bear zuchon dog

​Our Advanced Tiny Teddies Trained Puppies

We routinely keep various puppies when possible to raise and observe them as our own before making them available as an older more advance puppy with further Tiny Teddies training completed. Excellent for further therapy and service dog training.

To further add to our vast Zuchon knowledge we routinely keep various puppies when possible to raise and observe them as our own before making them available as an older more advance puppy with further Tiny Teddies training completed. This provides us with an in depth look at our puppies first hand as they grow and progress. This has the added benefit for those looking for a more advanced puppy that comes with the advantage of having most of the hard work and training already completed and behind them (additional fees will apply decided per puppy).  


​Zuchons excel in puppy classes  - They are ​often being the star and used to help train others. They receive a lot of praise by the professionals they come across, vets, groomers, instructors, etc.

Zuchons are an excellent choice for most therapy, companion and service dog requirements. Our Tiny Teddies have been highly successful for numerous service dogs needs for over 16 years of producing the ideal healthy, highly trainable, intelligent, small, strong, compact, sturdy and sometimes quite athletic little dog.

Zuchons have sweet and comical personalities –  Our puppies are so sweet and comical just like their parents. The cuddling, nurturing, socializing, and Tiny Teddies training that we provide our puppies is truly rewarding. We ensure each puppy is fully ready to leave, litter box trained for home and away use, familiar with pee pads for use in carrying bags, crate training, during flights and road trips etc, fully weaned, eating well, well-adjusted, well socialized and had as much play time with the whole family as possible. There are so many aspects to creating an extremely healthy, happy, well-rounded puppy in order to make the very best companion for you possible. .

We provide all of our new fur parents with a copy of our Complete Guide to Caring for your Teddy Bear Zuchon Guide –  Our ongoing book from our 16+ years of experience containing everything you will ever need to know to assist you in the continuing care of your puppy for their entire lifetime.  

​​​Our puppies are litter box trained, pee pad trained, safe place set up trained and come with your choice of a 5 year genetic guarantee or lifetime, a written health guarantee, had a wellness exam and deemed to be healthy by a veterinarian  - which includes the wellness exam, 1st vaccines, health & immunization record that provides proof of completion and overall health noted by a veterinarian professional. 

Puck & Maple playing on the beach, just another day at our Island paradise!


Our Puppies Are Litter Box Trained & Pee Pad Trained to expand your options

Be free to enjoy your puppy, rather than clean up messes

As part of our successful Tiny Teddies puppy rearing approach. We start their litter box training at 4 weeks and it works like a dream for long term use, house training, travelling etc. The litter we use is earth friendly and biodegradable, and doesn't resemble anything else in your home discouraging accidents. So when your free to just enjoy your puppy. Our puppies are also familiar with pee pads for use in carrying bags, crate training, during flights and road trips etc.

Building Skills! Playing from sunrise to sundown - with naps in between - it's playtime again!

Food & Treats

Bring our bakery to you!

Our puppies are fed top quality holistic all natural food, daily probiotics, all natural homemade cookies, homemade dehydrated treats made from various meats, fish, fruits and veggies and other health building ingredients. Sourced fresh from farms, fishing and our garden, local markets.

  • Variety goodie bag of our cookies & treats come in $50, $100 or $200 packages. 
  • Our pure protein toppers are $25 
  • Free shipping if included with puppies flight
  • Shipping extra if sent separately   


​​​Summary Of Our Teddy Bear Zuchons

Please see our Zuchon Breed Info page for more complete details

Appearance - Teddy bear Zuchons are small in stature, and remain small with their adorable teddy bear look even into adulthood. Zuchons can range in weight from 5 to 18 pounds as adult dogs. Ours are typically around 11 to 12 pounds. Their coats are luxuriously soft and fluffy their hair doesn't shed like most dog breeds that have fur and is considered to be hypo-allergenic like their originating breeds. They come in a variety incredibly gorgeous colors from black & white, white tri-color & brown tri-color to the more rare reds & blacks. We also have the uber rare and very unique green eye beauties and chocolate color coats and noses. Their hair can be clipped short into a "puppy cut" or "teddy bear cut" or left long and flowing, with top knots and bows. Their faces look like little teddy bear and Ewoks throughout their lifetime. They have round faces with shorter muzzles on some, a little longer nose on others and large beautiful endearing eyes, earning them their teddy bear namesake along with their calm, patient, happy-go-lucky temperaments.  Our Zuchons are multi-generational which makes a distinctive difference. We have been continuously working on and improving our line for over 16+ years in order to create the breed standard Zuchons will be known by. This also means they no longer tend to have any of the issues of their purebred ancestors. For example our Zuchons have more athletic builds with longer stronger legs, stronger bones with larger joints & tendons and deeper sockets compared to the Bichon and the Shih-Tzu as well as longer noses, larger stronger teeth and deeper eye sockets rather than the flatter face and bulgy eyes of the Shih-Tzu

Temperament - Zuchons are eager to please, attentive, cuddly, loving and extremely intelligent, making them ideal to train. They love the company of their human pack, unlike some of the more independent small dog breeds. They also tend to be way less vocal than other small dogs. They will let you know if there's a visitor, but they aren't usually nuisance barkers. Their patient happy go lucky temperament makes them ideal for children and people of all ages and types. They are extremely playful little comedians they will play with every toy you get them and live to entertain you all day long, but will also drop everything instantly for a much loved snuggle.

Health and Care - Teddy bear Zuchon dogs are very healthy compared to their pure bred ancestors. This is partially due to the genetic diversity of being a mixed breed, but also due to its small stature. For families with allergies, this dog is ideal. Not only does the breed not shed its coat, but it is also very low in dander, making it very hypoallergenic. Regular brushing and the occasional trim is required to keep their coat in top shape. A neglected coat can become matted. Cleaning of teeth and ears on a regular basis or after swimming and bathing will keep away tartar and grime.  


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