Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) Puppy Learning To Swim

Our Sweet little Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppy "Ruby" running, playing and learning to swim at the beach (aka Shichon or Bichon Shih Tzu) Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppy www.tinyteddys.com 

Day outing with our Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) adults and their puppies - They love to go on trips around our majestic west coast to roam free, run and swim, smell and explore our untouched nature paradise

Our Guarantees

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies B.C Canada

If you enjoy an abundance of love and humour in your life, then our Zuchons (Shichon) are a perfect

Our commitment to quality Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon)

Our puppies are born from exceptionally healthy, extremely happy, and remarkably stunning parents with therapy suitable temperments loving personalities and comical spirit. Having zero genetic health issues in our dogs and their puppies in the last 17+ years of living our Zuchon (Shichon) dream, we can confidently guarantee our puppies and pass that amazing health and happiness on to you with our standard 5-year guarantee included with our puppies or our Lifetime guarantee upon request.
Our Zuchons (Shichon) are kept in pristine condition and are in perfect health, as are our puppies. Our adults are health tested and always up to date on all check-ups and vaccinations.  We only breed the best of the best small breed companion Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchons (Shichon) puppies. We would never produce a puppy from a parent of inferior genetics or genetic issues. If a proven issue were to arise, that parent(s) would not be bred again.  We are dedicated exclusively to our Teddy Bear Zuchons (Shichon) to consistently produce our unique Tiny Teddies appearance, health, temperament and personality for over 17 years! 

Health & Genetic Guarantees

We also include with our Tiny Teddies puppies, among many other assets, a written health confirmation from us, and our veterinarian examination proving they are in excellent health.  All of our puppies come with our 5-year genetic guarantee OR our unprecedented Lifetime of your dog genetic guarantee is an extra available option upon request. In the event of death due to a genetic tragedy, you would be able to choose a replacement puppy. We do not cover vet costs or other ownership expenses, and ownership responsibilities must not play any part in the cause, propelling, or degeneration of a puppy/dog issue. 

We are dedicated beyond imagination! Our astounding guarantees are unmatched and unheard of!

Our astounding guarantees are unmatched and unheard of in the dog world. We are that dedicated to the Zuchon (Shichon) and the constant pursuit of knowledge on our dogs.  You won't find anyone else standing behind their puppies with such confidence enough to back them for 5-years or a lifetime as we do! To provide these amazing guarantees, we must also take various precautions that we know to be of utmost importance. Therefore no puppy is scheduled to be viewed (for any reason) before being thoroughly vet checked and received their vaccines and all puppies waiting to be picked up by their families are home. This process begins at 8 to 9 weeks. This time frame is on a per litter basis if we think more time is needed. In this same regard, for obvious reasons, no puppy is guaranteed or able to leave our home until their vet check has taken place.  

Our Lifetime Return Policy

As responsible, ethical companion creators that genuinely love our Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppies that we bring into the world, we have designated ourselves as their lifetime guardians. We offer a lifetime return so that our puppies/dogs always have a loving home to count on if your situation ever became that you cannot keep your puppy/dog. We require that he/she be returned to us in the same manner, condition and pick up method in which your puppy/dog was received at your expense, including flight home if required. Once home, they will re-trained, settle back into our routine and go back to having a great time with their friends and family until we find the perfect new home for them. This policy is in place to protect our puppies/dogs from ending up in shelters, pet stores, puppy brokers or puppy mills, from being a weekend novelty or a trial run at dog ownership.   

We provide lifetime support of your puppy!

Our dogs and their puppies are an extensive source of deep love and happiness that is truly fulfilling.  All of our love and an immense amount of laborious effort go into our puppies and their parents. This endeavour requires all of our time and an endless amount of finances to ensure our puppies and their parents are exceptionally cared for at all times with or without a current litter. This doesn't just start with the birth of a litter, a considerable misconception to those who don't know the time and costs involved. It takes years of preparation and commitment for each of our parent dog's entire lifetime. They are our lifetime companions and never for sale. It's an all-day every day 24/7, 365 days a year, 17+ year investment with no days off and no vacation time away that we are fully committed to. 

Zuchon (Shichon) Breed Information

The Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) was introduced at the start of the new millennium by combining the Bichon Frise & Shih Tzu. The Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) was created to fill the need for a patient, cuddly, intelligent and highly trainable service and therapy dog that is flexible and can go with the flow with a happy go lucky attitude and content with being held for long periods. Also known as the Zuchon or Shichon, this dog has earned its place as one of the cutest companion dogs.  

Just another day at the lake with the gang! Let's play!

Creating the ultimate Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) companion

We provide lifetime support of your puppy!

 We adore the families we have chosen for our puppies and genuinely care about their success together. They are forever a part of our extended furry family. We are here for the support of our families and our puppies for their entire lifetime. We welcome their stop by's, visitation and their continued updates over the years. Our extensive amount of references with continued ongoing puppy updates including photos, videos, and comments compiled over the last 17 successful years speaks volumes about us, our dogs and their puppies.  

Our puppies come with various levels of training!

We routinely keep various puppies when possible to lovingly raise, train and observe before making them available as an older more advance puppy with further Tiny Teddies training completed. An excellent choice for  a family or individual or for further therapy and service dog training. 

Building Puppy Skills! Our puppies love to play on their custom made play center and slide themselves down the slide

Extensively Veterinarian Checked

Our puppies are the total package for health, temperament & beauty!

We always receive amazing comments from our veterinarian during our puppies vet check commonly being referred to as the total package for health, temperament & beauty.  Our puppies are always thoroughly veterinarian checked before leaving our care at eight weeks of age by our well-trusted veterinarian. During their wellness exam, the veterinarian spends about 10 to 15 min with each puppy and typically checks for the following:  

  • Weight is taken & recorded on exam pamphlet that will go home with the puppy
  • Puppy's temperature — 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is normal.
  • Checks each puppies pulse and breathing rate.
  • Listens to the puppy's lungs with his Stethoscope for any lung abnormalities or harsh lung sounds. 
  • Listens to the puppy's heart with his Stethoscope to detect any heart murmurs, irregular heart rhythm.
  • Examines other internal organs by palpating or feeling them.
  • Gives the puppy's ears a going-over to ensure they not only look right but also smell right, ensuring there's no infections or parasites.
  • Checks the puppy's genitals to ensure two testicles are present in males, and there's no sign of discharge or infection in females.
  • Check eyes up close with his scope.
  • Checks nose.
  • Looks over the skin for any abnormalities.
  • Checks for fleas (We use Frontline flea & tick prevention on our dogs and puppies, to prevent heartworm disease, dermatitis ticks, chewing lice, fleas, flea eggs, ticks, mosquito bites etc).
  • Inspects the anal region to check for discharge or other signs of disease or parasites.
  • Examines the puppy's mouth to see that teeth and gums look as they should.
  • Checks the belly button for an umbilical hernia (although common, we typically have none due to our hand-delivering the pups).
  • Checks the puppy's joints for normal movement and the kneecaps will be checked to make sure they are not loose. 
  • Checks nails and trims if needed (we do this ourselves usually).
  • Gives the puppy the start of their vaccinations and provides proof of completion to pass along to the new family
  • De-worms each puppy and sends home a follow up dosage (will be either done for you or in your to-go bag).

Our dogs are our family. Our life partners. Our life companions. It would be fair to say they ARE our life! Our dogs are free to roam where they please. They have free run of the home and property, but they always choose to be right by our side on our laps or following along right at our heels. 

Teddy bear Zuchon Shichon Shih Tzu Bichon small breed puppy happy healthy smart comical affectionate

Teddy bear Zuchon Shichon Shih Tzu Bichon small breed puppy happy healthy smart comical affectionate

Our Location - The Majestic West Coast of B.C Canada

Our magnificent puppies combined with our amazing guarantees make our puppies the total package

We are located just outside of Vancouver on the stunning West Coast of Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada. When we are not at our home of the last 17 years in the heart of the Cowichan Valley we can be found enjoying our remote North Island getaway. As you may have viewed through our hundreds of photos and videos, we embrace every opportunity to enjoy life with our dogs and family. The unlimited supply of untouched lakes, ocean inlets, beaches and forest trails to explore and other outdoor activities that our less-populated North Island area provides us to explore with our dogs by our side leash-free is truly an amazing experience. 

Teddy Bear Zuchon Shichon Shih Tzu Bichon puppies healthy sweet cuddly trainable service therapy dog

Teddy Bear Zuchon Shichon Shih Tzu Bichon puppies healthy sweet cuddly trainable service therapy dog

About Our Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchons (Shichon)

Ask about our 30-day extended stay - Puppy sitting & training package!

Our Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppies are loving, smart, personable, calm, gentle, cuddly, super comical, playful and very easy to train and gorgeous inside and out. They are attentive, love to interact, make eye contact, nap and play with their loved ones and make uniquely individual bonds with everyone in their life. They adore children of all ages and socializing with other animals. Being so naturally patient, snuggly, and gentle in temperament without ever becoming irritated or nippy, they are an excellent choice for children and most therapy and service dog needs. They also have incredible search skills.   
Our Tiny Teddies puppy comes loved and nurtured, having completed various levels of age-appropriate Tiny Teddies training, litter box trained, pee pad trained and safe place set up trained. Expertly neurologically stimulated and socialized with a 5-year genetic guarantee, a copy of our "Caring for your Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) Puppy guide" along with a health & immunization record, flight to Vancouver or Victoria, hard-sided crate, puppy care pack with a leash & harness set, with toys and blanket bearing parents and littermates scent and more to get you started. 

  • Upgrade from a 5-year guarantee to Lifetime guarantee available, contact us for a quote.

Litter box trained! - We start their litter box training at 3 - 4 weeks of age, and it works like a dream for long-term use, house training, travelling etc. The litter we use is earth-friendly and biodegradable and doesn't resemble anything else in your home, discouraging accidents. So when your puppy arrives home, your free to enjoy him or her, rather than clean up messes. Our puppies are also familiar with pee pads for use in carrying bags, crate training, during flights and road trips etc.  

Our adults and puppies are fed top quality holistic all-natural food, daily probiotics, all-natural homemade cookies, homemade dehydrated treats made from various meats, fish, fruits and veggies and other health-building ingredients—sourced fresh from farms, fishing and our garden, local markets. We always have an abundance available, so we also have homemade goodie bags containing a variety of cookies & dehydrated snacks available upon request to our Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) families only. 

Our Bakery - Cookies, Treats & Toppers 

Our homemade goodie bags containing a variety of our homemade cookies, dehydrated treats and kibble toppers are made with real meats, fruit and veggies, homemade cookies, and homemade dehydrated treats. Made from a variety of fish, meats, fruits, and veggies that contain natural benefits. Our variety cookies & treats goodie bag are available in $50, $100 or $200 packages.  Kibble toppers $25 (Shipping additional)  

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Pricing & Details

Pricing & Deposit Details

Our Tiny Teddies Puppies start at -  $4500.00 for deposit reservations on a  future litter deposit waitlist and includes

  • FREE 5-year genetic guarantee 
  • FREE flight to  Vancouver YVR airport or Victoria YYJ airport 
  • FREE hard-sided airline approved travel carrier - included with flight option only
  • FREE personal delivery within a 4hr radius 
  • Includes starter gifts like food or treats, harness & leash set - blanket & toys bearing parents & litter mates scent and more
  • Flight to additional locations beyond Vancouver YVR available upon request
  • Upgrade  to Lifetime of your dog guarantee available - Contact us for a quote

Advanced Puppies start at - $5500 and up  for our more advanced available puppies with various age-appropriate training included - (currently unavailable) 

  • FREE 5-year genetic guarantee 
  • FREE flight to  Vancouver YVR airport or Victoria YYJ  airport 
  • FREE hard-sided  airline approved travel carrier (included with flight option only)
  • FREE personal delivery within a 4hr radius 
  • Includes starter gifts like food or treats, harness & leash set - blanket & toys bearing parents & litter mates scent and more
  • Flight to additional locations beyond Vancouver YVR - within Canada available upon request 
  • Upgrade  to Lifetime of your dog guarantee available - Contact us for a quote

Deposit Details - A $1000.00 (per puppy) non-refundable deposit is required to hold your chosen puppy or placement on a future litter.  We accept e-transfers to our email or payments@tinyteddys.com 

from approved homes via our Puppy Adoption Application

  • PayPal is available upon request +3% PayPal fees. 
  • Deposits are applied to the final purchase price
  • Deposits and transferable to another litter until a puppy is chosen.
  • Deposits can be applied towards any puppy even if you're on a future waitlist.
  • The actual timing A $1000.00 (per puppy) non-refundable deposit is required to hold your chosen puppy or placement on a future litter.  We accept e-transfers our email  
  • Placing a deposit on a puppy that is available to bring home, please arrange his/her pick up within five days. Puppy sitting can be requested for additional time. Please see our Puppy Sitting Page for further details and fees 
  • Placing a deposit on a puppy not yet of age to bring home will have a "going home" date already set on the days following the veterinarian exam and first vaccines.
  • Placing a deposit on a future litter waitlist - Placement is determined by the availability of the requested time frame. We provide a pre-arranged pick-up date as soon as possible, typically within 2 to 3 weeks of the birth of a litter, to give our families plenty of time to prepare. Puppy's pick-up date is determined by the date of the litter's veterinary wellness exam and the first vaccines (Proof of vaccination from our vet is always included). 
  • Additional training and or time is available upon request. Please see our Puppy Sitting & Training page for details & fees
  • Remainder owing is due before pick up 

Additional Details

  • Prices are firm
  • Taxes are included in the price
  • E-transfer is available for the deposit & final payment
  • Price not adjustable if FREE flight option or FREE personal delivery option is unused
  • PayPal is available for the deposit (+ 3% Pay Pal fees added)
  • USA residents we accept payment in CAD funds using PayPal (+ 3% Pay Pal fees added)
  • We do not hold any puppy or position to choose without a deposit.
  • Our litters are typically reserved in advance via deposit.
  • Puppy sitting and or puppy sitting & training charges apply on puppies being held past their available date or pre-arranged pick up date (training charges depend on training request and age of puppy) 
  • Each deposit placement is accepted in the order it was received.

Our Advanced & Trained PuppiesThese exceptional puppies we have kept for a more extended time to further love, nurture and train, so the hard work of housetraining, crate training, basic command training, sleeping at night (hahaha) is all done for you, before making them available. These very special puppies will be marked as a - Trained Puppy - on our Available Puppies page complete with details provided per puppies accomplishments and various levels of Tiny Teddies training. If none are currently ready for availability, please "Contact Us" to see if we have puppies in the process of training.   

Upgrade to our unprecedented Lifetime Guarantee is also available upon request - Contact us for a quote! 

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu Bichon) puppies - Happy healthy smart comical affectionate highly trainable great service or therapy dogs  excellent companion or family dog - www.tinyteddys.com - Tiny Teddies

Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchon puppy Shichon  - Bichon Shih Tzu dog www.tinyteddys.com B.C Canada

Bringing Home Your Puppy

Our puppies FLY FREE to Vancouver (YVR) & Victoria (YYJ) including FREE HARD-SIDED CRATE !

  • FREE flight to  Vancouver YVR or Victoria YYJ and hard-sided airline approved travel carrier  (provided for flight option only). 
  • OR  FREE personal delivery within a 4hr radius. 
  • Flights are on a stand-by basis 
  • Flight & delivery subject to weather conditions, flight time & distance 
  • Flight to the interior of B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba may be possible upon request. 
  • Flight to further destinations may be possible. 

Flying your puppy home – A flight home for your puppy as sometimes it is the preferred route in most circumstances. Over the years, a quick flight has proven to be a reliably smooth, stress-free, comfortable and quicker method of travel than a long and exhausting twisty B.C car ride home. It also allows for more time and energy to interact and settle into their new homes and family.     

We are also experienced in long-distance relationships –  We are always happy to help our fur parents to be that live further away in parts of Canada, or crossing the border into the USA. Our puppies have been picked up from as far as Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Italy, UK, Singapore, Washington, Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Chicago,  Miami, Toronto, Montreal and more. 

  • Meeting in person is available for approved families.
  • We are also able to meet part way depending on the destination when possible. 
  • With our lengthy and successful history, we find our puppies are usually reserved by our repeat families and their referrals that we have already met.
  • Our application and screening process is required before we will consider anyone for one our precious puppies and also required before we will consider to meet partway or invite anyone we do not already know into around our dogs, family and personal space.

Additional pick-up options while in Cowichan Valley or North Island 

  • Cowichan Valley – We are available to meet in person in town or at the ferry. Alternatively, approved visitors are welcome to come by our easily accessible Cowichan home where we have hosted open houses for puppy and parent viewing for the last 17 + years.
  • North Island - Our North Island home is not as easily accessible, so the flight option is best or we are can consider a few hours drive to meet in person closer to town. Our North Island home is remote and all arrangements are weather dependant. 

We provide 17 years of personally documented history. Our groundbreaking views and techniques make us stand out. Our dedication to the advancement of creating multi-gen Zuchons (Shichon) to one day be recognized as the breed standard by the CKC & AKC. Being multi-generational is a more advanced Zuchon (Shichon) and requires decades of dedication to achieve the appearance, health, personality and demeanour our dogs and puppies are so adored for. 

We share through our website thousands of photos & videos of our Teddy Bear Zuchon adults (the parents) and their puppies together playing, swimming, running, exploring, fetching, camping, boating, napping and more. As you will notice, the majority of our photos and videos contain our adults as a group, young and old. We are unlike other breeders who breed and then proceed to sell their adults, how awful for the dog to never experience a real bond, and the joy of being someone's forever special companion. They only get more amazing as they age! Unthinkable and questionable! Our dogs (the parents) have only a couple of litters specifically during their peak breeding age and then retire, right here at home. This unique view provides a fantastic home life for our beautiful adults and is a considerably more expensive method and also means we only have a limited amount of puppies each year. But the results are undeniably significant and lightyears ahead of its time. It will be hard to spot one of our dogs alone in a photo without at least a wagging tail photo bomb. Our pictures and videos provide a fantastic insight into our dog's incredible life we share together, always by our side. We have always enjoyed the fun, companionship, love and enjoyment that comes with being a multi-dog home and meshes well with our passion for the dog training field. Our dogs and their puppies truly reflect the happiness of fulfilling our lifelong dream. Our parent dogs are best friends. They share everything from their favourite toys, food and people. They snuggle and nap together and sleep together in our master. They go for walks with us around town. They run free together on our property. They can come and go inside and out as they please, and have free off-leash roaming at our Vancouver Island lakes, rivers and ocean when they are not on road trips or out boating that is. There is no better life than the one we provide them. Our videos and photos provide a fantastic chance for a real-life visual into their marvellous life as best friends and our adored companions. It's easy to see the abundance of love, friendship, togetherness and comradery they enjoy in life. Not just one photo or video but thousands provided on our website! Along with that, we provide ten pages of references and testimonials complete with ongoing photos and updates over the years. Copious amounts of information and specifics regarding us, our adult companion parents and their puppies, how we raise them and more. A proven timeline that requires over 17 years and over 20 pages to compile to just cover. All provided upfront in writing before contacting us directly. We provide this to help undoubtedly learn about us, our seriously amazing adult Zuchons (Shichon), 2 of whom could possibly be the parents of your adorable new little companion should you choose us. Every one of our puppies is 100% home-raised by our hands personally, on-lap and underfoot alongside both parents, who are our personal snuggly companions. Being home raised right in the heart of our home also means we do not have a "facility," "farm," or "kennel" to show separately from our private home. 

What To Expect While Expecting

What To Expect While Expecting

Waitlist procedure


Our unique approach to responsible, purposeful breeding shines throughout our website. Part of our responsibly bred philosophy is first to collect commitments from approved screened applicants and then breed a litter for those commitments. For this reason, we don't typically have puppies available unless our litter is larger than anticipated and the accepted deposits. For this reason, we can't provide a non-deposit waitlist option. 

How to proceed in securing a puppy- 

  • Enjoy our website and get to know us, our dogs and their puppies from the last 17 amazing years to learn more about our unique, ground-breaking guarantees, techniques, phenomenal breeding methods, puppy training programs, neurological stimulation, canine enrichment and prenatal care to produce our extremely loved, happy, healthy, gorgeous, trained and balanced puppies. View our references and testimonials. They provide firsthand accounts and ongoing progress reports complete with photos and videos over the years. See references pages 1 to 11.
  • If you have any additional questions, contact us.
  • Apply for an available puppy or desired waitlist through our adoption application page.
  • Approved applicants may place a non-refundable deposit on an open waitlist or available puppy of your choosing. See the deposit section on this page for instructions. (Nature is unpredictable; we in no way guarantee any waitlists success, waiting for the following litter is always a possibility.)
  • Accepted deposits receive written deposit confirmation along with a PDF of our massive "Caring for your Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon)" guide to cover the remaining details to help in the fun of preparing for your new arrival.
  • We then keep you in the loop with baby arrival news.  Once the litter is born, we provide arrival announcements and link to our private nursery photos of the entire litter around the two weeks of age mark. Mike and I take alternating shifts with mom and puppies for the first 2 to 3 weeks, depending on litter size to ensure round the clock 24hr care for all. During this time, it's all about mom and puppies and provides us with the chance to feel normal again before answering specific puppy questions, emails etc. 
  • When it's time to make a puppy selection, we notify our families around the five to six weeks of age mark and provide new nursery photos of the litter to help the choosing process. We are happy to assist in picking the perfect puppy for our families or our families may make the choice themselves. This timing is ideal as it allows us time to observe, evaluate and monitor each puppy's progress to ensuring proper development continues, and we are confident each puppy is continuing to be in excellent health. 
  • At that time of choosing, you may either select your puppy or pass and move to the next litter and so on until you find your desired dream puppy. We adore our puppies and care about their potential family's happiness together, so our deposits are always movable until you find your perfect companion.
  • Once a litter is born, we then schedule their veterinarian wellness exam and 1st vaccines in advance for their eighth week. The puppies going home date is then planned for the following days after, on a day and time that works best for us so we can fit in all families (not by request). We will provide this date early with plenty of time to prepare to be available for your puppy.  
  • Once the families on our waitlist have made their choices, any remaining puppies will then be provided to others on our available puppies page and applications for that puppy will be considered. We first take commitments and then breed a litter for those reservations, so having an available puppy is rare, but worth the wait,  we feel this is of the utmost importance in our proven responsible breeding practice. 
  • Once the selection process is complete, and your dream puppy has been chosen, the total remainder owing is due (minus the deposit amount paid).
  • Don't forget our lifetime support! Contact us anytime!

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