We have 2 puppies currently available!!! Coal our trained advanced puppy available now & Oreo available July 4th

Coal exploring new places

About Coal


Coal is an astounding little puppy, he is smart, playful, comical, kind, patient and loving little soul. He LOVES to snuggle and interact with everyone he meets.

Coal is now available! He is the last of our trained advanced puppies for 2019 that we have been working on so diligently. We have poured our hearts and souls into our astounding boy, he recently completed our puppy training curriculum and we are beyond proud of his accomplishments and success. You can learn more about them below along with many current photos and videos to get to know him.

Coal is a stunning puppy in all ways. He is an outstanding example of our advanced puppies program. His excellent health, beauty and intelligence, affectionate cheery disposition, loving charming and comical temperament, kind, gentle, patient, attentive demeanour and outgoing personality with his great desire to make everyone laugh makes everyone who meets him fall madly in love with him. He is the total package and represents what our Zuchons have come to be known, adored and sought after for.

Coal was born on November 26, 2018 to Fenix & Jumba and received his full veterinary wellness exam, he is in excellent health and had his first set vaccines, dewormed etc. Coal has been expertly socialized and stimulated throughout his puppyhood. We have invested a great deal of love, attention, nurturing, time and training over the last 6 months into our beautiful boy long before his birth and still everyday he amazes us. We know firsthand the pure delight he will bring to his new family. 

Coal is a very affectionate and attentive little guy without being needy. He is warm and loving and gives the most amazing full body bear hugs! He is a friendly little socialite, all who meet Coal are drawn to his easygoing, friendly and charming manner, often bringing a ball to throw to introduce himself.  Did we mention our little youngster Coal is also now fetching & retrieving like pro! His facial expressions are adorable!

Coal loves a good conversation. Our Teddy Bears all have unique ways of conversating many times developing they're own adorable like speech. Coal makes great eye contact, he looks you right in the eye with his gorgeous amber coloured eyes when communicating that makes everyone just melt. He has a gorgeously soft, luxurious, cashmere-like a coat that he loves to have combed and seeks out that special grooming time with us. He loves to snuggle and chill out when he is not playing. He can be very self-entertaining as well as a group motivated. He enjoys toys, balls and games of all types and sizes from small to huge, hard to soft and everything in between. He will play with every one of his toys, so if you're like us and love to be entertained by your Zuchon a huge toy box or ten will be required! haha

Coal begins each day with a serving of Kefir for probiotics and a game of fetch with the gang while Mike and I enjoy our morning coffee in the sun watching the antics unfold. His successful house training earned him free run of our home inside and out very early in his puppyhood and he has not had a single accident in the house to date! He is also past the destruction phase. Our precious shoes and slippers, cords, furniture, flowers, shrubs and everything else low down is now safe again, lol.

All the hard work and sleepless nights have been done so you and your puppy can have fun bonding and exploring life together. How glorious!!!!! Coal is crate trained, and safe-place trained for camping safety etc. He is currently using a crate for bedtime with 100% success right from the beginning. When it's time to bring the day to a close, we say "bedtime" queuing our adults along with Coal to lead the way and get all snuggled into their beds. It's so adorable! He is also fine sleeping on the bed now too but we will continue with his crate training most nights to ensure his victory at your home. 

Coal is both outdoor trained and litter box trained. Our litter training process is such a huge asset to our families and can be spontaneously used throughout the puppies lifetime for travelling, boating, cold weather etc. We receive very high praises once our puppies are home on the outcome.

Coals training also includes - using the doggy door, going outside to do his business, using a litter box in emergencies or when it's not very nice out, going up and down stairs, commands like come, down, no, bring it here, drop it, good boy, go outside, come inside, no bark, no chew, off, no bite, bedtime (they go to bed on their own),  no digging, don't take that outside, no plants (used to keep curious puppies away from plants and bushes) and working on stay, sit and "bring your toys in"  which he is doing very well at. He will also dance for cookies! 

Coal is an exceptional example of our Tiny Teddies in his excellent health, incredible beauty, fantastic temperament, and eager trainability. He would be an excellent choice for various service dog needs. He is a truly amazing puppy that will add so much additional joy, laughter and love to the perfect home.

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Oreo - Available July 4th


New litter Born on May 6th! Oreo will be available on July 4th!

Oreo is currently available (until marked otherwise) he was born on May 6th 2019 to Orcas & Loki. He will be available on July 4th after his thorough vet wellness exam and vaccines. 

He is quite young still, all of his progress and development has been on point. He has been early neurologically stimulated since birth and lovingly cared for and nurtured long before he was born into the loving hands of Mike and I. We are hands on parents, and help during the whelping process to ensure we take any strain off mom, allowing her time for plenty of rest and nourishment. Orcas (mom) is doing excellent, she started bringing us the ball to toss only a few days after their birth, she is such a comical fun loving mom. Both parents are a picture of health, beauty and temperament perfection, so we anticipate Oreo to have the same fun loving, affectionate well natured, ball fetching and possibly amazing diving skills of his 2 most wonderful parents.

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Waitlist - Future Litters & More


Reservations - Future litters

We are now accepting applications and reservations for future litters. To apply, please see our Teddy Bear Zuchon Adoption Application to ensure you don't miss out on adding one of our fabulous little teddies to your happy life. We take commitments via deposit and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations so advanced planning is recommended. 

We are accepting applications and commitments via deposit for the following waitlists

  • 2019 ​​fall/winter deposit waitlist - accepting reservations 
  • 2020 waitlist - accepting reservations
  • 2021 waitlist - accepting reservations

Once a waitlist is opened we fill up quick so don't miss out

See our Purchase Details Page for pricing & guarantees and other purchase-related details

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Available puppies

Our available or soon to be available puppies are shown on this page only. Our website is kept current and updated at all times. Once a puppy is claimed their availability will change to "No longer available" but will remain on the page until they are picked up by their new family before removing them from the page. We provide the puppies available date, details and large write up below their photos.   kept current

Summer Schedule! We have changed our routine for the season.

Summer holiday schedule - 

  • We are currently accepting applications for the perfect life companions for Coal and Oreo
  • We will remain available for contact, applications, reservations and pick up of Coal or Oreo throughout our holidays

For the first time in 16 years we are taking the summer off from showings to enjoy our paradise to the maximum this season.  Enjoying the amazing dog life we have created, taking in the beauty of the Island, seeing new sights and exploring new places on land and ocean with the dogs is a huge part of who we are, the life we live and how we like to spend our time being the dog lovers that we are. Raising advanced trained puppies, puppy sitting for our fur families and or puppy sitting & training with our train & stay services, raising litters and all that comes with these various skills and services consumes most of our time, involves many sleepless nights and housebound days. 

Don't worry we are still accepting applications and deposits for currently available puppies and we are always available to contact  - see our Contact Us Page. Our puppies are claimed mostly by our fur families looking to add another puppy and their referrals, who we have already met over the last 16 years from a decade &1/2 or routine open houses, showings and meet & greet days. Our non-deposit waitlist is full until further notice until we have more time for those not as seriously interested by placing a deposit but would like to still come by.  

Our puppies come loved, nurtured, socialized and stimulated

Our gorgeous, loving and very comical little Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies have been loved, nurtured since before their birth. They have been expertly socialized and stimulated \and introduced to various sounds textures, floors, stairs, instruction, love and guidance for optimum progress and advancement throughout their puppyhood. All puppies come vet inspected, first vaccines, groomed and litter box trained since they were 4 weeks old. Which means more time for you to just enjoy one of our little sweethearts! It's truly amazing! Our litter training process is such a huge asset to our families. We receive very high praises once our puppies are home on the outcome.  To find out more please see - About our puppies page or use link below 

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Coal - Walking on the high dock for the first time! Awesome job Coal! Experience and exposure to new things is vital for well-rounded development

Coal exploring new places

 Coal strikes a pose - West coast beauty surrounded by more beauty 

Coal - Trying new things checking out the high dock for the first time

Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

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