Puck & Maple are now available!


Puck & Maple are both quite astounding little puppies being such smart, kind, patient and loving little souls, that LOVE to snuggle and interact with everyone.

Puck & Maple are both quite astounding little puppies being such smart, kind, patient and loving little souls, that LOVE to snuggle and interact with everyone. They capture many hearts with their cheery dispositions and playful, comical sides with the great desire to make everyone laugh. Either boy would make an excellent service dog candidate.   When it's time to bring our day to a close we say "bedtime" queuing our adults to lead the way and head off to our master getting all snuggled into their beds with Puck and Maple following suit. It's so adorable! They get into their little beds in their safe place set up all by themselves now. Complete with a sweet puppy kiss before we close the gate.  

Maple & Puck have had their veterinary wellness exam and first vaccines, they were born on Nov 26 2018 to Fenix (mom) & Jumba (dad). They know their basic puppy commands of "good boy", "sit", "come", "drop that", "no" etc. They are being taught "don't destroy your toy just enjoy your toy", not to chew or destroy cords, slippers, shoe's, furniture etc. They are also currently being "puppy crate trained" with the door open into their safe place set up at night. Puck & Maple would suit a variety of lifestyles from service companion, a singular fur-parent to a large family with children or other dogs. They love to run, play games, enjoy toys of all sorts, they have started to fetch already and love to snuggle up for quick naps in between. - Also called Teddy Bear Shichons.  

After 16 flawless years, most of our puppies are reserved in advance by referrals and repeat families adding another. If you have been watching our website only to find we have no puppies available this is your chance. Puck & Maple won't be available long!  


Our puppies come loved, nurtured, socialized and stimulated

Our gorgeous, loving and very comical little Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies Puck & Maple Puck & Maple have been loved, nurtured since before their birth. They have been expertly socialized and stimulated throughout their puppyhood and are outstanding examples of our advanced puppies program. They have been litter trained since they were 4 weeks old and are now complete masters at it with zero accidents thus far.  Which means more time for you to just enjoy one of these little sweethearts! It's truly amazing! Our litter training process is such a huge asset to our families. We receive very high praises once our puppies are home on the outcome. They have earned free roam of our home during the day and evening while supervised. Being such intelligent puppies they catch on to everything quickly making them a complete joy to train.  

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Waitlist - Future Litters


Reservations - Future litters

We are now accepting applications and reservations for future litters. To apply, please see our Teddy Bear Zuchon Adoption Application to ensure you don't miss out on adding one of our fabulous little teddies to your happy life. We take commitments via deposit and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations so advanced planning is recommended. 

See our Purchase Details Page for pricing & guarantees and other purchase-related details

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Don't miss your chance to add one of our astounding little sweethearts to your life. ​​Once a waitlist is opened we fill up quick so don't miss out! We are accepting applications and commitments via deposit for the following open waitlists

  • Spring/summer 2019 deposit waitlist - Open - Limited spots remaining
  • Fall/Winter 2019 deposit waitlist - Open - Limited spots remaining
  • 2020 wait lists - Open - Limited spots remaining

Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.