About River & Louie


  • Louie is in the yellow Ducky P.J's 
  • River is in the red strawberry P.J's

 Louie & River are marvellous puppies that will be the love and enjoyment of their new families life. They are sweet, loving, playful, affectionate and very intelligent. They have happy, easy-going natures, comical cheery demeanours and thoughtful, laid back temperaments. They love to learn, get along well with others. They are attentive and enjoy interacting with people and dogs. They would be excellent candidates for future training for service or therapy needs or individual or family. Both boys are in excellent health as are their parents, and ancestors before them dating back over 16 years. Louie & River were born on July 21st and recieved their vet exam and first vaccines etc on September 26th. 

River and Louie have been lovingly raised on-lap and underfoot in the heart of our home for maximum interaction with their parents, our family, friends and other dogs. They have had the benefit of our unique early neurological stimulation since birth. They have been age-appropriately socialized and trained, with hands-on love, nurturing and attention since their very first breath. They are a part of all daily activity, sounds, smells. Their day begins giving us puppy kisses and snuggles good morning, then the fun and games begin. Followed by their daily bowl of Kefir to start the day off right. The boys are litter box trained, and also pee pad trained. Their litter training began at just four weeks old! They are also trained to use a safe place set-up where they have access to their food, water, beds, toys, bones, interactive balls with treats and more. This useful skill is used for bedtime and during periods when they can't be supervised. The boys sleep through the entire night with nature sounds playing in the background. This acquired skill is also excellent for use at home for comfort and during the transition into their new homes. All of these skills and starter puppy training covered on this update and the additional features mentioned throughout our website are designed to make having one of our puppies easy, smooth and straightforward for their new families.  

Please see - "About Our Puppies Page" for more information on how we raise our puppies. 

To learn more about how we raise our puppies don't miss our awesome "About Our Puppies Page"

Waitlist - Future Litters & More


Reservations - Future litters

We are now accepting applications and reservations for future litters. To apply, please see our Teddy Bear Zuchon Adoption Application to ensure you don't miss out on adding one of our fabulous little teddies to your happy life. We take commitments via deposit and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations so advanced planning is recommended. 

We are accepting applications and commitments via deposit for the following waitlists

  • 2019 ​​fall/winter deposit waitlist - accepting reservations 
  • 2020 waitlist - accepting reservations
  • 2021 waitlist - accepting reservations

Once a waitlist is opened we fill up quick so don't miss out

See our Purchase Details Page for pricing & guarantees and other purchase-related details

Available puppies

Currently available or soon to be available puppies  - River as shown on this page. 

Our website is kept current and updated at all times. 

Our puppies come loved, nurtured, socialized and stimulated

Our healthy, happy, gorgeous, affectionate, cuddly and very comical little Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies have been loved, nurtured and adored since before their birth. Our puppies come with varying levels of our Tiny Teddies Training relevant for their age and individual abilities. We handle and interact with our puppies all day long. Mike and I are fully hands-on dog lovers. We raise our puppies in the center of our home with all the noise, and typical life sounds a family has to offer, so they can fully see, hear, interact and be a genuine part of our family along with their parents and the rest of the dog crew. Having this constant in their lives is a vital part of our puppies advancement toward full success. It is an enormous benefit to our puppies to be able to continually interact with their parents and the rest of the gang, and it's wonderful for the adults too. Puppies keep the elders frisky and playful, they love to have a good time. We never part with any of our dogs once retired, our elders are a very cherished part of our life. They are family to us, right by our side through our journey through life where all dogs should be. Yet another extraordinary part to our unique Tiny Teddies puppy rearing approach and ideals. Our puppies are continuously handled and expertly socialized and stimulated and introduced to various sounds, textures, floors, stairs, instruction, love and guidance for optimum progress and advancement throughout their puppyhood. All puppies come vet inspected, first vaccines, groomed and litter box trained since they were 4 weeks old. Which means more time for you to just enjoy one of our little sweethearts! It's truly amazing! Our litter training process is such a tremendous asset to our families. We receive very high praises once our puppies are home on the outcome.  To find out more, please see - About our puppies page or use link below.

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