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On the Ocean Tiny Teddies Teddy bear Zuchon (Shichon or Shih Tzu bichon) puppies

Available Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) Puppies

We have one female puppy we call Luna (Sorry she is no longer available)  - More details and photos above!

Reservations - Future litters

We are now accepting applications and reservations for future litters. To apply, please see our Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) Adoption Application to ensure you don't miss out on adding one of our fabulous little teddy bear puppies to your happy life. We take commitments via deposit and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations, so advanced planning is recommended.  

We are accepting applications and commitments via deposit for the following waitlists: Once a waitlist is opened we fill up quickly so don't miss out!  

  • 2020 Summer waitlist #1 - FULL
  • 2020 Summer waitlist #2 - NOW OPEN! Accepting reservations
  • 2020 Fall/Winter waitlist - Accepting reservations
  • 2021 Spring/Summer waitlist - Accepting reservations
  • 2021 Fall/Winter waitlist - Accepting reservations
  • 2022 Spring/Summer waitlist - Accepting reservations
  • 2022 Fall/Winter waitlist - Accepting reservations

We breed only Teddy Bear Zuchons - also called Shichon or Bichon Frise Shih Tzu. 

Our website is kept current and updated at all times.

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Our puppies come loved, nurtured, socialized and stimulated

Our healthy, happy, gorgeous, affectionate, cuddly and very comical little Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppies have been loved, nurtured and adored since before their birth. Our puppies come with varying levels of our Tiny Teddies Training relevant for their age and individual abilities. We handle and interact with our puppies all day long. Mike and I are fully hands-on dog lovers. We raise our puppies in the center of our home with all the noise, and typical life sounds a family has to offer, so they can fully see, hear, interact and be a genuine part of our family along with their parents and the rest of the dog crew. Having this constant in their lives is a vital part of our puppy's advancement toward full success. It is an enormous benefit to our puppies to be able to continually interact with their parents and the rest of the gang, and it's wonderful for the adults too. Puppies keep the elders frisky and playful. They love to have a good time. We never part with any of our dogs once retired. Our elders are a very cherished part of our life. They are family to us, right by our side through our journey through life where all dogs should be — yet another extraordinary part of our unique Tiny Teddies puppy rearing approach and ideals. Our puppies are continuously handled and expertly socialized and stimulated and introduced to various sounds, textures, floors, stairs, instruction, love and guidance for optimum progress and advancement throughout their puppyhood. All puppies come vet inspected, first vaccines, groomed, and pee pad & litterbox trained beginning at 3 - 4 weeks of age, so they are well on their way by the time they leave home. We strive to make bringing home our Tiny Teddies - Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon) puppy as easy as possible for our new fur families to just enjoy their new little addition! It's truly amazing! Our litter training process is such a tremendous asset to our families. We receive very high praises once our puppies are home on the outcome. To find out more, please see - About our puppies page or use link below.

Our Adorable Little Girl Luna! Sorry she is no longer available!

Cuteness update! Luna loves to snuggle as we cover below, but this just made us go "aww". After bringing her to bed in the mornings for being a good girl sleeping through the night. She now curls right up into our neck or back (sometimes we wake up nose to nose) and loves the lay her head in the palm of a hand or burrows under the covers to get right under the blankets. It's just too cute not to share. 

New Update: Building on Lunas write up below - Luna continues to astound us! To date, she continues to enjoy the free-roaming of our home accident-free! Amazing! Our puppies litter box training is such a great asset to their vast skillset we instill in each puppy and continued training and progress moving forward. Luna is also beginning her crate training in our master during bedtime after showing an interest in graduating from her safe place set up. She continues to amaze us by quietly snoozing through the entire night completely accident-free! Amazing!! As a reward, we have began to bring Luna to bed for the last few ours of sleep. It's a cuteness overload to see her snuggle in under the covers like a person with her head nestled in our pillows. Luna has also proven to be an excellent travelling companion; she enjoys going on road trips and does not experience any motion discomfort thus far. 

Luna had a full wellness exam and first vaccines on Feb 12, 2020. Our Veterinarian could not get over how sweet, soft and luscious she is with such beautiful markings and shiny, cashmere-like curls, titling her "Luscious Luna" while giving a multitude of kisses and snuggles. She did not want to put her down. She is a charmer of people and dogs of all ages. Luna loves the attention of everyone she meets and returns the kisses. No one is resistant to her enchanting ways. Luna is an outstanding puppy and will make a ridiculously phenomenal addition to the perfect family. (Please see below for her previous update)

Previous Update - Luna is beyond adorable! With her gorgeous markings, endearing face, beautiful eyes and soft and cashmere-like fur. She has an even more beautiful personality. Luna is a comical, happy-go-lucky, confident and eager to please little gal, with a sweet, loving, attentive and patient temperament making her an easy puppy to train and instruct. Luna has been continuously socialized, introduced to new sounds and engaging environments,  and neurologically engaged and stimulated since a newborn. She is self-entertaining but also enjoys to play and interact with people and other dogs. She is equally as happy to just sit and snuggle for a while. She is enjoys being groomed and combed. She is both litterbox & pee pad trained. Her training began at just 3 weeks old! Luna is one smart cookie! Luna is also what we call "safe place set-up" trained. Ideal for use at bedtime where she sleeps quietly through the night (SO awesome!) or during short periods when she can't be properly supervised. Luna was born on Dec 19, 2019. She will be thoroughly veterinarian examined, including first vaccinations etc at 8 weeks old on Feb 12, 2020, before leaving home to her new family.

We cover the training mentioned in detail on our "About Our Puppies Page" and also within our "Complete Guide to Caring for your Teddy Bear Zuchon (Shichon)" PDF handbook we provide to our fur families to help prepare for the puppies arrival.

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